6.11.17 Brendan & Tristyn Surprise Engagement

This day will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Two of our best friends making the decision to spend the rest of their lives together! The best part about it all is that she had no idea it was coming. Brendan has been in Alaska for the past couple months while Tristyn has been here in WA. She thought he was coming to visit later this month when really he was already here. We invited her on an adventure to Lake Cushman (the last place in the world that she would expect Brendan to be hiding.) As we began to take photos of her in the beautiful landscape he snuck from his hiding place to where we were standing and as she turned around to ask us if we had the photos we wanted she saw the love of her life standing there. It was such a beautiful moment. Here are a few of our favorite photos from the day! 

6.6.17 Ryan & Gabrielle

Sometimes we do a 30 min shoot and call it good and then sometimes we meet with a couple at 7 and shoot till dark. This was one of those times. Ryan and Gabrielle were so fun to work with! It felt like we just got to go hang out with friends and take photos along the way which is pretty much what we did! You just can't beat a beautiful evening in Poulsbo with good people!

12.19.16 | Cushman w/ Erika and Austin

Spent the day out at Lake Cushman with Old friends and new. We took photos, I filmed a little video and we got stuck in the snow. Twas an adventure! 

Welcome to Montana

I had never been to Montana. Keeley grew up there and she was eager to show me around. We had a blast running around with friends, exploring and visiting new places as well as old ones. Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip! 

4.16.16 | Ana

We spent the morning wandering around downtown Seattle and we're pretty excited with the result. Check it out! 

4.14.16 | Mike Edel Live at Kakao

Last night I had the privilege to go shoot Mike Edel at Kakao in Seattle. I was able to take a couple of sweet shots and a cool little video. Enjoy!